NCERT Exemplar For Cbse Class 6 – 12

NCERT exemplars for classes 6 -12 are available here and these exemplars are the best study material for students who follow the CBSE board. The NCERT exemplar given here consists of model solutions that provide in-depth and chapter-wise solutions to all questions in the NCERT textbooks for maths, physics, chemistry and other subjects. What is good about these exemplars is that they act as a great support for students. These will further help students in working on assignments, studying effectively and preparing well for the exams. Additionally, these exemplars are very important for students who are aspiring to crack competitive exams. They can refer these and study effectively. In essence, these are highly beneficial in understanding the concepts and in getting familiar with the important questions and the latest exam pattern.

The NCERT exemplars provided here have been put together by experienced subject experts. They have been designed in such a way that these study materials will provide complete and accurate solutions for each subject of class 6 – 12.

NCERT Exemplars can be accessed from the links given below:

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