NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology

Can’t go to the school during the Corona pandemic? Find your solutions for NCERT here. We are always keeping a track of the latest CBSE syllabus and if you look at the current book on computer science for the year 2020 it has been revised for students who are preparing to write their board exams. The book is titled as Foundation Of Information Technology and it now contains nine chapters where some of the topics include internet basics, database concepts, HTML, XML, etc. Notably, class 10 is an important stage and most of the students will be feeling the pressure to perform well in the exams. Having said that, we are providing free chapter-wise NCERT solutions for class 10 Foundation of Technology textbook to help students prepare well and be confident to write the board exams. The solutions that we are offering here mainly deal with all the basic as well as advance concepts of class 10 computer science. These NCERT solutions further come with a wide variety of questions asked in CBSE exams and the solutions also contain detailed explanations as well as answers that will enable students to increase the conceptual strength of the subject. With our solutions, students will fully understand what to study for the exam and they can, therefore, rank higher in their upcoming examination. Besides, using these solutions will allow students to stay ahead in the class as they will be fully prepared to tackle any type of question that can be asked in the class test or the exams.

Click the links given below to access chapter-wise NCERT solutions for class 10 computer science. 

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Foundation Of Information Technology
Chapter 1-Internet Basics
Chapter 2-Internet Services
Chapter 3-Database concepts
Chapter 4-Microsoft Access
Chapter 5-HTML
Chapter 6-Inserting images and Links in HTML
Chapter 7-Working with Tables in HTML
Chapter 8-Introduction to XML
Chapter 9-Societal Impacts of IT

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