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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Sanskrit Free PDF covers solutions for all the topics prescribed in the NCERT class 10 Sanskrit textbook by CBSE. Extensive research has been done by our Sanskrit experts before giving the solutions to different Sanskrit topics. One of the oldest languages on earth by the record is Sanskrit.

The vocabulary and grammar of various languages such as Sino- Tibetan, modern Indo- Aryan, Austronesian as well as English have been borrowed from Sanskrit. Also,  our country’s most popular language Hindi is highly influenced by Sanskrit. It is one among the eighth schedule in the constitution of India. It has an exceptional morphology that leaves no or slight error. Therefore NASA researchers thought Sanskrit as an obtainable machine language.

This language is used in literary work, poem, Hindustani music, Carnatic music, Stotras, kirtans, slokas, bhajans, etc. It is widely used in religious books and scriptures. The importance of Sanskrit in the modern world:

Importance Of NCERT Class 10 Sanskrit

  • Due to its preciseness, it is perfect and suitable for computer algorithmic programming
  • Through Sanskrit one can convey message faster keeping the quality unaffected. Therefore the longest words can be conveyed quickly with precision
  • No other language has a larger library of words when compared to Sanskrit and hence a source of vocabulary for various modern languages

Considering these the education system has included the Sanskrit language as a subject in their curriculum and should be taken seriously by the students. Therefore downloadable files of NCERT Class 10 Sanskrit for each chapter is available.

Chapter 1 शुचिपर्यावरणम्
Chapter 2 बुद्धिर्बलवती सदा
Chapter 3 व्यायामः सर्वदा पथ्यः
Chapter 4 शिशुलालनम्
Chapter 5 जननी तुल्यवत्सला
Chapter 6 सुभाषितानि
Chapter 7 सौहार्द प्रऋतेः शोभा
Chapter 8 विचित्रः साक्षी
Chapter 9 सूक्तयः
Chapter 10 भूकम्पविभीषिका
Chapter 11 प्राणेभ्योऽपि प्रियः सुह्रद्
Chapter 12 अन्योक्तयः
Chapter 1 वर्ण विचार
Chapter 2 संञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरण
Chapter 3 सन्धि
Chapter 4 शब्दरूप–सामान्य परिचय
Chapter 5 धातुरूप–सामान्य परिचय
Chapter 6 उपसर्ग
Chapter 7 अव्यय
Chapter 8 प्रत्यय
Chapter 9 समास परिचय
Chapter 10 कारक और विभक्ति
Chapter 11 वाच्य परिवर्तन
Chapter 12 रचना प्रयोग
Chapter 13 परिशिष्ट शब्दरूपाणि
Chapter 14 परिशिष्ट धातुरूपाणि

To score well in Sanskrit it is very important to understand the deep meaning of the topics and frequent practice of the exercises. The NCERT Solutions Class 10 Sanskrit is a guide which helps you prepare for the exam and score excellently well.

The chapters are explained in a way that students will understand quickly. Also, mostly the Sanskrit questions set in the paper are directly taken from the NCERT Sanskrit textbook, so the answering techniques and tips to understand and reply to the question are explained by our experts.

We have ensured that class 10 students learning Sanskrit language don’t feel it as a burden but enjoy and find it interesting. You can check out the NCERT solutions of 10th-grade for other subjects as well – NCERT Solutions Class 10

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