NCERT Solutions Class 11 Political Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science gives students the opportunity to catch the excitement of solving questions of class 11 political science subject. All the questions are solved in detail and are available for you to prepare for online study and exams.

Every chapter of class 11 Political Science Solutions are arranged in a systematic manner in two books and gives you an amazing experience while learning. Students can find all the chapters of class 11 Political Science below.

NCERT Class 11 Political Science Chapter-wise Solutions Political Theory

Chapter 1 Political Theory: An Introduction

Chapter 2 Freedom

Chapter 3 Equality

Chapter 4 Social Justice

Chapter 5 Rights

Chapter 6 Citizenship

Chapter 7 Nationalism

Chapter 8 Secularism

Chapter 9 Peace

Chapter 10 Development

NCERT Class 11 Political Science Chapter-wise Solutions Indian Constitution At Work

Chapter 1 Constitution: Why And How?

Chapter 2 Rights In the Indian Constitution

Chapter 3 Election and Representation

Chapter 4 Executive

Chapter 5 Legislature

Chapter 6 Judiciary

Chapter 7 Federalism

Chapter 8 Local Governments

Chapter 9 Constitution As A Living Document

Chapter 10 The Philosophy Of The Constitution

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