Class 11 NCERT Solutions Political Theory Chapter 5

NCERT Class 11 Solutions Political Theory Chapter 5 PDF

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Theory Chapter 5 Rights is provided here according to the latest NCERT (CBSE) guidelines. With these solutions students will be able to understand each topic clearly and at the same time prepare well for the exams. Students can easily access the solutions which includes important chapter questions and detailed explanations provided by our experts. Students can further clear all their doubts and also get better marks in the exam. To give you a brief idea of the chapter, it basically deals with topics like;

  • What are rights and why are they important? What are the bases on which claims to rights can be made
  • On what grounds are some rights considered to be universal in nature? Identify three rights which you consider universal. Give reasons
  • Differentiate between political, economic and cultural rights. Give examples of each kind of right

Get CBSE class 11 Political Science NCERT solutions for chapter 5 Rights below. These solutions consist of answers to all the important questions in NCERT book chapter 5.
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