NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics

While statistics can be an intimidating subject, we are providing free NCERT solutions for class 11 statistics here to help students master the various concepts in this subject. Our experts have created the most relevant as well as accurate class 11 NCERT solutions that will help students to not only get a good hold of the basic concepts but at same time clear all of their doubts. The solutions that we are offering here is a very convenient tool for students as it consists of multiple solutions from important questions to marked answers and detailed explanations are also given for seamless learning. Students can use these solutions to prepare effectively and score better marks in the exams. Additionally, these solutions are based on the latest curriculum prescribed by NCERT for CBSE board.

Below you will also find chapterwise solutions related to the subject in an organized list. These NCERT solutions can further be accessed from multiple devices and can be either viewed on or downloaded from our website. Students can check out the solutions by visiting the respective links given below.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics

Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2 Collection of Data

Chapter 3 Organisation of Data

Chapter 4 Presentation of Data

Chapter 5 Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 6 Measures of Dispersion

Chapter 7 Correlation

Chapter 8 Index Numbers

Chapter 9 Use of Statistical Tools

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