Class 11 NCERT Solutions Statistics

Statistics is a part of mathematics that deals with the assembling, scrutiny, elucidation and presentation of numerical information and gathering. In other words, Statistics is a collection of quantitative data. The word “Statistics” is derived from the Latin word ‘Status’ which means a collection of numbers or figures; those comprises some data of the human interest. Statistics can be found and adopted in daily life, namely – on newspapers, TV or other information papers or books.

Class 11 NCERT solutions for Statistics comprises of 9 chapters.

UnitsName of the Chapter
Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2Collection of Data
Chapter 3Organisation of Data
Chapter 4Presentation of Data
Chapter 5Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 6Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 7Correlation
Chapter 8Index Numbers
Chapter 9Use of Statistical Tools

Class 11 NCERT solutions Statistics provides a wide range of exemplar questions; which assists the students to understand and learn quickly. The above mentioned is the syllabus for class 11 CBSE syllabus. For more solutions and study materials, refer NCERT solutions class 11 Statistics for more information and the best learning experience.

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