NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS

NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS (Environmental Science) gives students the opportunity to catch the excitement of solving questions of class 3 science subject. All the questions are solved by MyNCERT experts in detail and are available for you to prepare for exams. You can follow the topics to help your online classes for NCERT.

Every chapter of class 3 EVS is arranged in a systematic manner in order to give you an amazing experience while learning. Students can find all the chapters of class 3 EVS below.

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter-wise Solutions

Chapter 1 Poonam’s Day Out

Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy

Chapter 3 Water O’ Water

Chapter 4 Our First School

Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House

Chapter 6 Foods We Eat

Chapter 7 Saying Without Speaking

Chapter 8 Flying High

Chapter 9 It’s Raining

Chapter 10 What is Cooking?

Chapter 11 From Here To There

Chapter 12 Work We Do

Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings

Chapter 14 The Story of Food

Chapter 15 Making Pots

Chapter 16 Games We Play

Chapter 17 Here Comes a Letter

Chapter 18 A House Like This

Chapter 19 Our Friends-Animals

Chapter 20 Drop By Drop

Chapter 21 Families Can Be Different

Chapter 22 Left-Right

Chapter 23 A Beautiful Cloth

Chapter 24 Web Of Life  

NCERT class 3 EVS solution environmental studies for class 3.

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