NCERT Solutions Class 3 Hindi

Students can access free NCERT solutions for class 3 Hindi here. The solutions have been prepared by top subject experts and have been further designed in such a way to help students understand and solve all the questions with ease. The solutions are presented in a very simple language and style as well. Detailed explanations are also provided to all questions given in the NCERT class 3 Hindi textbooks. More significantly, by using these solutions students will learn about the important topics to cover, different types of questions, practice well and study effectively for the examinations. Students can easily check out the solutions for the Hindi book from the link given below.

NCERT Solution For Class 3 Hindi – Rimjhim
Chapter 1 कक्कू
Chapter 2 शेखीबाज़ मक्खी
Chapter 3 चाँद वाली अम्मा
Chapter 4 मन करता है
Chapter 5 बहादुर बित्तो
Chapter 6 हमसे सब कहते
Chapter 7 टिपतिपवा
Chapter 8 बंदर बाँट
Chapter 9 अक्ल बड़ी या भैंस
Chapter 10 क्योंजीमल और कैसे कैसलिया
Chapter 11 मीरा बहन और बाघ
Chapter 12 जब मुझे साँप ने काटा
Chapter 13 मिर्च का मजा
Chapter 14 सबसे अच्छा पेड़
Chapter 15 पेड़ पत्ते ही पत्ते

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