NCERT Solutions Class 4 English

We are providing free NCERT solutions for Class 4 English here. The solutions consist of chapter-wise question and answers which have been thoughtfully put together by our experts to further make learning more fun and easy. Along with questions, detailed explanations are also provided to help students understand the concepts clearly and remove all their doubts regarding the lesson. All the solutions offered here are based on the most recent CBSE syllabus. Notably, the chapter-wise solutions will help students easily revise the complete syllabus, study effectively and ultimately score better marks in their examinations.

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Here we have provided NCERT Solutions Class 4 English. This solution contains questions, answers, images, explanations of the complete Class 4 English. If you are a student of Class 4 who is using NCERT Textbook to study English, then you should refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English. After you have studied English textbook you must be looking for chapter-wise solutions. Here you can get complete NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English in one place.

Unit 1

Wake up!
Neha’s Alarm Clock


Unit 2

The Little Fir Tree

Unit 3

Nasruddin’s Aim

Unit 4

Alice in Wonderland

Unit 5

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
Helen Keller

Unit 6

The Donkey
I had a Little Pony
The Milkman’s Cow

Unit 7

The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

Unit 8

A Watering Rhyme
The Giving Tree

Unit 9

Going to buy a Book

Unit 10

The Naughty Boy

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Why Should Students Refer to NCERT Solutions Class 4 English

  • The solutions are beneficial for the students because experienced and efficient English teachers prepare it.
  • The solutions improve the vocabulary of students and work in improving the marks of students.
  • To remove errors, the experts recheck the material twice to present it excellently.
  • It is based on the latest syllabus of Class 4 English

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the necessary to be thorough with all the chapters of NCERT Class 4 English textbook?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to be through with all the chapters mentioned in the NCERT Class 4 English textbook. Students can refer to the NCERT Solutions of Class 4 English from website.

Q2. Are the NCERT Solutions of Class 4 covers all the exercise questions mentioned in the textbook?

Answer: Yes, it covers all the exercise questions mentioned in the textbook.

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