Class 12 NCERT Solutions Political Science Chapter 7 Rise of Popular Movements

NCERT Class 12 Political Science Solutions Chapter 7 PDF

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Free NCERT solutions for class 12 political science (Part B – politics in India since independence) chapter 7 – rise of popular movements is available here. The NCERT solutions given here contain answers which have been prepared by our expert to all the important chapter questions. The solutions are presented in an easy to understand format and detailed explanations are also provided to help students grasp the concepts clearly. Students can resolve any issue related to the lesson and at the same time, they can study effectively for the exams.

Some of the important topics covered in this chapter include;

  • The Chipko movement.
  • Bharatiya Kisan Union.
  • Anti-arrack movement.
  • Protests in a democracy.

Students can access or download Class 12 political science NCERT solutions for chapter 7 – rise of popular movements from the link given below. These solutions are based on the latest syllabus and consist of answers to all the questions given at the end of the chapter.

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