Class 12 NCERT Solutions Political Science Chapter 9 Globalisation

NCERT Class 12 Political Science Solutions Chapter 9 PDF

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We are providing free NCERT solutions for class 12 political science (Part A – contemporary world politics) chapter 9 – globalisation here. The solutions have been prepared by our experts and have been designed in such a way that will help students to easily and clearly understand the different topics given in this chapter. Apart from that, the solutions will allow students to know the important topics and prepare accordingly for the exam. The solutions include accurate answers to the textbook questions given at the end of chapter 9. Students can go through the solutions for a quick revision of the entire lesson and be prepared to tackle any question that might be asked in the exam.

Some of the important topics covered in this chapter include;

  • Analysing the concept of globalisation and its causes.
  • Different consequences of globalisation.
  • Resistance to globalisation.
  • The contribution of technology.
  • The impact of globalisation in India.

Class 12 political science NCERT solutions for chapter 9 – globalisation can be accessed or downloaded from the link given below. These solutions are based on the latest syllabus and consist of answers to all the questions given at the end of the chapter.

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