NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Poem Good Morning



1. Why is the child in the poem happy?

Ans. The child in the poem is happy because it is morning now and the night has been over.

  • To whom does the child say ‘Good Morning’?

Ans. The child says ‘Good Morning’ to the sky, the sun, the wind, birds, trees grass and bees.

3. What does the child want to do?

Ans. The child wants to play with the birds and bees.

4. In the morning I say, “Good Morning”

At night I say, “Good Night”

  1. dog says “Bow-wow” A cow says, “Moo-moo”

Say “Good Morning” in your own language to:

(i) Your friends.

Ans. I say, “Good Morning, Parul”. (My friend’s name is Parul)

(ii) Your teacher

Ans. I say, “Good Morning, ma’m.”

  • How would you wish them when you leave school in the evening? Ans. When I leave school I say, “Good bye, friends” to all my friends.I say, “Good bye, ma’m”, to my teacher.
  • Let’s say aloud. Find words in the poem which rhyme with.

Ans. Bee–Trees, day–Away, too–you

  • What do you see around you during the day and at night? Draw in the two boxes given below and colour the picture.




  • Write two words each from the two pictures you have drawn. Ans.
1. Sunlight1. Moonlight
2. Chirping Birds2. Birds Sleep
  • From groups. Tell each other an interesting thing you have seen in the garden one day.

Ans. Last Sunday, I was playing with my brother in the garden. It had beautiful flowers of all kinds. Colourful butterflies were wandering from one flower to another. My brother and I wanted to touch the butterflies. As we went near the butterflies, they flew away. We tried many times, but we could not.

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