Class 4 NCERT Solutions English Unit 3

NCERT solutions for class 4 english unit 3 is available here with detailed answers. It includes all the questions given in the textbook prescribed for class 3. NCERT solutions given here has further been designed to help students get a thorough understanding of the concepts and the important questions in unit 3. Detailed explanations are also provided by our experts to help students understand each topic clearly, tackle questions easily and score higher marks in the exams. All solutions are based on the latest CBSE pattern. Students can easily view or download the solutions from our website.

To give you a brief idea of the solutions it basically deals with topics based on the chapter – Nasruddin’s aim and the poem run. Some of the topics covered include;

  • Importance and the joy of running.
  • Nasruddin and his skill in archery.
  • Understanding different sports.

Students can easily view or download the CBSE class 4 english NCERT solutions for unit 3 below. These solutions consist of answers to all the important questions in english NCERT book.

Download NCERT Solutions For Class 4 Run
Download NCERT Solutions For Class 4 Nasruddins Aim

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