Class 4 NCERT Solutions English Unit 6

Free NCERT solutions for class 4 english – unit 6 is provided here to help students study effectively and score better grades in exams. The solutions consist of important chapter questions and explanations are also provided to help students understand the topics clearly and quickly. With our NCERT solutions students will be able to clear all their doubts and ultimately conduct all the revisions before the exams. The solutions are based on NCERT (CBSE) guidelines as well. To give you a brief idea of the solutions it basically deals with topics based on the chapter – the milkman’s cow and the poem i had a little pony. Some of the topics covered include;

  • Child and the donkey.
  • What is a pony?
  • The cow and its bad mood.
  • Different people that tried to make the cow move.

Students can easily view or download the CBSE class 4 english NCERT solutions for unit 6 below. These solutions consist of answers to all the important questions in english NCERT book.

Download NCERT Solutions For Class 4 I Had a Little Pony
Download NCERT Solutions For Class 4 The Milkmans Cow

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