Class 5 English NCERT Solutionss

To help students learn efficiently through carefully structured solutions we are providing free NCERT solutions for class 5 english here. The solutions given here consist of chapter-wise question and answers which have been thoughtfully put together by our experts. Detailed explanations and several other exercises are also provided to help students understand the concepts clearly and remove all their doubts regarding the lesson. More significantly, the chapter wise solutions will help students revise the complete syllabus in quick succession and at the same time study effectively to score better marks in the examinations. The solutions are also based on the latest NCERT (CBSE) syllabus.

Below students will find a complete set of class 5 english NCERT solutions and these can be easily accessed across a multitude of devices. These solutions can be either viewed on or downloaded from our website. You can start by simply visiting the respective links given below.

Chapter 1 Ice Cream Man
Chapter 2 Teamwork
Chapter 3 My Shadow
Chapter 4 Crying
Chapter 5 The Lazy Frog
Chapter 6 Class Discussion
Chapter 7 Topsy Turvy Land
Chapter 8 Nobody’s friend
Chapter 9 Sing a Song of People
Chapter 10 Malu Bhalu

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