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Subject English
Class 9
Book Literature Reader
Chapter A Dog Named Duke

A Dog Named Duke summary

A Dog Named Duke was written by William D. Ellis. Duke, the dog played a vital role in this story of struggle. Charles Chuck Hooper was a football player. He was working in a medical company as a zonal sales manager. He lived with his wife Marcy and Duke, his pet dog. One day Charles met with an accident and his left side of the body became completely paralysed.. He was in a critical condition and was hospitalized for a month. He was informed by his office people that he could take leave for one year and they will create a desk job in his apartment for him. Marcy was worried about Charles’ health but she was helpless and could do nothing but cry. Charles was depressed because his wife had to work and he had to stay at home alone. 

Duke was brought back from the Kennel where he had been sent when Charles was in the hospital, to give company to his master. One day when Charles hooked the leash on Duke’s collar he acted as if he understood what his master asked him to do. He pulled  his master leg to get up with the help of Marcy and he moved forward a little. Everyday this became an affair and Duke would help him to get up from his wheelchair. Charles went to the office alone one day and everybody was amazed. After a few months Charles recovered completely and they went to a new place. There Charles was walking with the help of Duke and the neighbour did not know the story of these two. Duke acted like he owned his master Charles. One day Duke met with an accident and he did not survive. Charles got a promotion and now he had to walk alone.He missed his Duke but he gives all the credits to his pet dog for showing him the path of success in his life.

Important points from the chapter A Dog Named Duke

  • This chapter tells us the story of a dog named Duke who would drag around his owner Chuck Hooper.
  • Duke was an extremely caring, sensitive and loving dog who realized that his master was weak and unable to move on his own.
  • He was called a missile of joy because of how excited he got whenever he saw Chuck.
  • Duke showed the path to success in Hooper’s life.

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NCERT Solutions English Literature Reader

A Dog Named Duke

Extract Based Questions (3 Marks each)

Q.1. Read the extract given below and answer the questions/complete the sentences that follow:

“All they knew was that their new neighbour walked like a struggling mechanical giant and that he was always pulled by a rampageous dog

(a) Who does ‘they] stand for?

(b) Who walked like a struggling giant and why?

(c) What does the word, ‘rampageous’ mean? (Board Term 1,2015 6SOOKQ5, BR7 WHM)

Ans. (a) Neighbours. (CBSE Marking Scheme 2015) (1×3=3)

(a) Why did Duke never jump on Chuck again?

(b) What special quality did Duke exhibit here?

(c) Why did he take a post beside his master’s bed? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 35)

Q.2. ‘Go run around the house Duke’. But Duke wouldn’t. He’d lie down with a reproachful eye on Hooper.

(a) What do these lines tell us about Duke?

(b) Reproachful means

(c) Duke was unhappy with Hooper because of (Board Term 1,2014 FROK4W1)


(a) Neighbours.

(b)Check as his can sade was paratype

(c) Showing violent and wild behaviour

Q.3. He never jumped on Chuck again. From that moment, he took up a post beside his master’s bed around the clock.


(a) Duke was shocked to see that his master could not maintain his balance when he had jumped on him. Immediately, he understood his master’s problem and never jumped on him again.

(b) Duke was sensitive, loving and caring.

(c) Duke knew that his master needed company, so he took a post beside his master’s bed. ‘ (1×3 = 3)

  1. 4. When two fellows stare at each other, day in, day out, and one can’t move and the other can’t talk, boredom sets in.

(a) Who are the two fellows here? Mention who can’t talk and who can’t move.

(b) Who tried to break the ‘boredom’ and how?

(c) How could the boredom harm the fellows? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 39 and Set 45)


(a) Chuck Hooper and his dog Duke are the two fellows here. Duke can’t talk while Chuck can’t move.

(b) Duke tried to break the boredom by forcing Chuck to take him for a walk. ,

(c) Duke felt restless and uneasy; whereas this state of inactivity would have made Chuck completely confined to the bed. (1×3 = 3)

  1. 5. A few weeks ago„ worded as if in a special tribute to Duke, an order came through from the chemical company’s headquarters.

(a)Who is Duke? What has happened to him?

(b)What did the order say?

(c)How was it a tribute to Duke?

Ans. (a) Duke is Chuck Hooper’s pet dog. He has met with an accident.

(b)The order said that Chuck had been promoted as the Assistant National Sales Manager.

(c)It was a tribute to Duke as he only was responsible for his promotion. So, the credit goes to him. (1×3 = 3)

  1. 6. Thirteen months from the moment he worked full days. Chuck Hooper was promoted as the Regional Manager covering more than four states.

(a) What helped Chuck Hooper achieve the promotion mentioned here?

(b) What did Chuck’s promotion reveal about the company’s management?

(c) Who did Chuck owe his success to himself or Duke? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 42)


(a) Hooper’s strong determination helped him to achieve the promotion.

(b) Chuck’s promotion revealed that the company’s management was compassionate and fair. They had full faith in the abilities of their employees.

(c) Chuck owed his success to both, to himself and Duke. Both were equally responsible. Without Duke, he would never have been able to walk again. (1×3 = 3)

  1. 7. He was a 23-kilo missile of joy. He hit Chuck above the die belt, causing him to fight to keep his balance.

(a)Who has been called a ‘missile of joy’? ‘

(b)How did he hit Chuck? Why?

(c)Why did Chuck find it difficult to maintain his balance? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 43)


(a) Chuck’s dog, the Duke, has been called ‘a missile of joy’.

(b) Duke jumped with great excitement to express his joy at meeting his master.

(c) Chuck did not expect Duke to jump on him suddenly and that too with such great force. Secondly, his disability did not allow him to withstand the impact.

Short Answer Type Questions (30-40 Words) (2 Marks each)

Q.1. How did Duke meet his end? (Board Term 1,2014 FROK4WI)

Ans. On the evening of 12, October 1957, the Hoopers had guests as Hooper had gotten quite well. Suddenly, they heard the screech of brakes outside. When Chuck looked outside, he was awestruck. Duck had met with a serious accident. His injuries were severe and he died. This day brought darkness in the lives of the Hoopers.

Q.2. How long did it take for Chuck to stand on his own feet? (Board Term 1,2014, MZPD310)

Ans. After the accident, Chuck remained in the hospital for a month., in a critical stage. When he came home on his wheelchair, his dog Duke helped him walk back into life step by step, day by day. Chuck was discharged from the hospital  March and by mid-April, he was able to stand on his feet

Q.3. Why did Chuck visit his office? What problem did it present before all? (Board Term 1,2014 NCT-R)

Ans. Chuck visited his office with an offer of spending an hour a day. But his bosses were in a dilemma. They did not know what to do with a salesman who was unable to move around and could work only an hour a day.

  1. 4. What was Otike’s reaction when he saw Chuck after he came back from the hospital? (Board Term 1,2014 ZEZDXJX)

Ans. When Chuck was brought home, Duke could not contain himself on seeing his master. In sheer joy, he jumped on his master; though he seemed to realize soon that he should not have done so.

Q.5. Do you think the story of Duke and Chuck is an inspiration for those who give up without trying? (Board Term 1,2013, PNZTXU?)

Ans. The story conveys that, ‘When all is lost, the future still remains’. All odds, all challenges, all tragedies and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, patience and a little co, operation from loved ones. They can help one change one’s destiny.

Q.6. What special qualities did Duke exhibit to be an extraordinary dog? (Board Term 1,2013, PNZTXU9)

Ans. A rough-playing, 23-Kilo Doberman Pinscher, Duke was a four-year-old red-coloured dog of incalculable enthusiasm. Full of life, he loved to have boisterous fun, but once he realized his master’s grave problem, he took upon himself the responsibility of bringing him bade to his feet. His extraordinary intelligence, sincerity and tenacity endeared him to the Hoopers and the people around them.

Q.7. How was Hooper Injured in the accident? (Board Term 12013, AGRO-91; 2012, EWAJ2JM Set 34)

Ans. One evening in the autumn season, Chuck Hooper was returning home after the day’s work in his car. Suddenly, another CSS, in front of him, applied brakes and Hooper’s can be banged into it and the Hooper suffered severe brain injuries. Consequently, the left side of his body got paralyzed.

Q.8. Why was 4th January, an eventful day for Chuck Hooper? (BoardTerm 1,2013, NUZJUD2; 2012, Set 47)

Ans. 4th January was an eventful day for Chuck Hooper because that day he walked 200 metres without Duke’s support from Chris to his office. Chuck also decided to work for an hour that day.

Q.9. In 1953, Hooper was a favoured young man. Explain. (Board Term 1,2013, EWAJ2JM) Or What kind of man was Charles Hooper before the tragic accident? (BoardTerm 1,2812, Set 61)

Ans. Hooper was a favoured young man who had everything in his life, popularity, success and a respectable job. He was once a player of the university football team. He was the Zonal Sales Manager in a chemical company and was very happy.

Q.10. Write a character sketch of Hooper. (Board Term 1,2012, Set 28)

Ans. Hooper was a popular, civilized, cheerful, hard-working young: a man holding a high position in his company. An accident left him completely paralyzed. He felt depressed and lost WithDuke’s help, he was able to make tentative, movements. , Encouraged by his success and with Duke’s help, his steely will bore fruit. He resumed his office work and was promoted as an Assistant National Sales Manager.

Q.11. What targeted Chuck hit on 1st March? Who helped him? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 48)

Ans. On 1st March, Chuck started working for the whole day. His dog, a Duke, played a vital role in bringing his life back and he had motivated him and helped him in his exercises.

Q.12. How did Hooper take his first step after the accident? (Board Term!, 2012, Set 46)

Ans. One day Chuck idly hooked the leash on Duke’s collar. It was as if the dog understood what he had to do. He was forced to his feet. With Marcy’s support, he put his left foot forward. Slowly and cautiously he took some more steps.

Q.13. How did Chuck and Marcy differ in their views regarding dogs? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 50)

Ans. Chuck loved dogs while Marcy did not have a liking for them. Hooper brought Duke much against the wishes of Marcy Majscy took a long time to adjust with and to get along with Duke, their dog.

Q.14. How did Matty react after Duke met with a fatal accident? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 51)

Ans. Though Marcy was worried and distressed, she herself carried him to the hospital and got him the best possible treatment.

Q.15. Why do you think Charles Hooper’s appointment as the Assistant National Sales Manager considered as a tribute to Duke 7 (Board Twin 1,2012, Set 55)

Ans. Charles Hooper’s appointment as the Assistant National Sales Manager was considered as a tribute to Duke because this was in consonance with the fighting spirit of Duke. Duke had assumed all tire responsibility for leading him back to his office desk. He had rekindled hope in Hooper and had taught horribly to cope with the challenge successfully.

Q.16. How did the members of the staff react when Chuck visited his district office without Duke? (BoardTerm 1,2012, Set 56)

What was the reaction of the staff when Chuck visited his district office? What did he say to his manager Gorden Doule? (Board Term 1,2010, Set C2)

Ans. When Chuck visited his District Office without Duke, his colleagues were amazed. He told the manager that he would come to the office daily for at least one hour.

Q.17. Why was Hooper depressed after coming home from the hospital 7 (Board Term I, 2012, Set 59) Or Why was Hooper depressed at home after being released from the hospital? (Board Term 1,2010, Set C2)

Ans. Hooper had suffered from a paralytic attack and was unable to move or walk. When his wife, Marcy left for work every day, beams left alone in the house, he was bed-ridden and missed company. He was then hit by pain and grief and felt depressed…

Q.18. How did Marcy react when Duke was run over by a car?. (Board Httm 1,2012, Set 65)

Ans. Marcy was not really a dog lover but over a period of time, she had developed a soft corner for Duke. She was deeply distressed when she saw Duke’s pathetic condition. She told the people around her to phone the vet-, Refusing help, she picked up Duke and drove; him to the animal hospital where he breathed his last the next morning.

Q.19. How did Hooper feel when he returned to his home? (Board Term 1,2012, Set 68)

Ans. WhenHooperreturned he was excited at first. Later, as he was bed-ridden, he felt lonely and depressed as Marcy went out for work.

Q.20. What efforts were made by Duke to bong his master Charles back to his feet once a ghat? Give at least two instances. (Boihd Ham 1,2010, Set AI)


(i) Duke couldn’t buff Chuck on the bed and so quivering with impatience he went to the’b&NM! poked his nose under Charles Elbow and provoked him to get up.

(ii) During Charles’ initial efforts, Duke kept the leash taut so that Charles would not be freelanced.

  1. 21. What is considered as a fitting tribute to Duke by Chuck? Why? (Board Term 1, 2010, Set C2)

Ans. Chuck was promoted as the Assistant National Sales Manager. Duke had played a vital role in once again bringing him back to his feet. He had motivated him and helped him in his exercises..,

Q.22. Which incident transformed Chuck Hooper from a favoured young man to an unfortunate young man? (Board &, 2010, Set BI)

Ans. Chuck had everything going for him, a job, house and family when a car accident left him paralysed on his left side, robbing him of the ability to talk or move.

Q.23. What problems did Chuck face on returning to the company headquarters 7 (Board Term I, 2010, Set C2)

Ans. Chuck worked hard for a comeback, but as a salesman, he couldn’t move. He was confined to his chair. Initially, he was able to work only for an hour.

Q.24. “Duke lay down with a reproachful eye on Hooper.” What is Duke trying to convey to Hopper? (Board Term 1,2010, Set BI)

Ans. Duke looks at Hooper critically as if Vying to convey his displeasure at Hooper’s weakness, his inability to fight his condition.

  1. 25. What led Marcy to limit the course of physiotherapy 7 (Board2010 Set A2)

Ans. Duke was working very hard with Hooper. He took him for walks, very patiently waiting for each of Hooper’s steps. Marcy immediately realized that physiotherapy wouldn’t be that much help as compared to the dog’s efforts to help him recover, so she limited the course of physiotherapy.

  1. 26. Why do you think Charles Hooper’s appointment as the Assistant National Sales Managers considered to be a tribute to Duke?

Ans. Charles Hooper was appointed Assistant National Sales Manager and the credit for this goes to the dog Duke. It was only because of Duke that Hooper could leave his wheelchair and start walking. Duke assumed all the responsibility for leading him back to his office desk. He had rekindled hope in Hooper and back taught him to cope with the challenge successfully. That’s why his fresh promotion was a tribute to Datatcr.

  1. 27. They said that they would create a desk job for Hooper at the headquarters.

(i)Who are they?

(ii)Why did they decide to do this

Ans.The word ‘they’ refers to the office colleagues of Hooper who came from the company to tell him to take a year off. They decided to do this as Hooper was in a critical stage. He had been put on a wheelchair as his arms and legs were paralyzed. Hooper had a field job which he would not be able to manage with these physical conditions.

Long Answer Type Questions(8o-100 Words) (4 Marks each)

  1. 1. One is often unable to taste the fruit of one’s hard work. Explain with reference to the story ‘A Dog Named Duke’. (Board Term 12015 BR7GWHM, 6SOOKQ5)

Ans. Value points: Chuck and Duke shared understanding and responsibility for each other Chuck made the effect and finally walked because of the duke. Duke remained at his side during his most difficult time. (CBSE Marking Scheme, 2015)

Detail. Answer:

Duke was a loyal, faithful, understanding and intelligent dog. He had realized Chuck’s handi-cap after their very first meeting. Since then he did not ever jump at him after that. Duke would keep on motivate-ing Chuck to move by nudging and poking him. He took Chuck to walk every day, covering a greater distance than before every time. Later, he insisted on two rounds in a day. Largely due to Duke’s efforts Chuck recovered. Yet, when the time came to reap the fruits of one’s efforts, to see Chuck being promoted in the office, he died. But such kind acts are always remembered by the one who is benefitted by his efforts. They are regarded as motivators andGod’s messengers.

Q.2. Charles Hooper’s life is a source of inspiration for the normal people as it is for the physically challenged ones. Do you agree? What values can be learnt from his life? (Value-Based Question)(Board Term 12013, AGRO-91) Or Discuss the message conveyed in the story, ‘A Dog Named Duke’.(Board Term 12013, XITIMG7)

Ans. Life is a continuous journey; a strange mixture of sweetness, bitterness, joys and sorrows. Some are unable to stand upright in the times of adversity and crumble but those who maintain courage and endurance, successfully overcome the grief. Chuck could have chosen to remain paralysed and not respond to Duke’s helpful gestures. But he kept the flame of hope kindled and with his strong will power, overcame his handicap. The story conveys the message that coping up with the challenges of life and accepting them as the cone can give one an inner strength to find solutions to the most complex problems of life.

Q.3. Charles Hooper was a man of exemplary courage and perseverance. Initiate him for an award the “Hero Amongst Us..(Board Term 12012, Set 72)

Ans. Charles Hooper was a man of courage. He met with a serious accident and became paralyzed but then mustered the courage to adapt himself to the new situation. He displayed great perseverance during his struggle for survival with the help of his dog Duke. Not a single day went effortless. There was commendable gradual progress from moving a step on the first day of his effort to walking up to the porch, then to the fence post, to the intersection and finally to the district office. Many times he lost his balance and fell down exhausted but he had wonderful endurance that kept him going. Hooper was a person full of determination. He set dates as objectives and with the help of Duke, could achieve the same. He had faith in himself and in his ability. No one could dare to say that a paralyzed man couldn’t do the job of a moving salesman taking into account the hard work he did for a successful comeback. Hence, they created a special desk job for him. All along, his dog Duke helped him in his struggle for survival.’ Undoubtedly his courage and power of endurance made him a strong contender for the award Hero Amongst Us.

Q.4. As Chuck, write a letter to your friend in about 150 words sharing your experiences after your accident and Duke’s efforts to get you back on your road to success. (Board Term 12012, Set 34)


Marcy House 23-1

September 1957:

Dear Robert,

Hope you are in the best of spirits. Duke has proved to be a saviour in our lives. Though he was a playful dog, yet Marcy disliked hiss. When I met with an accident,1 suffered from a subdural haemorrhage that left my side paralyzed.’ I was completely bed-ridden. To give me company, Duke was called back from the kennel. He was an extraordinary dog. His techniques were unique. He urged me to walk. He rekindled hope in me and taught me to cope up with the challenge successfully. We strived daily and with gradual and constant efforts, I was out of the wheelchair. I not only conquered my handicap with Duke’s assistance but also regained my job and was also promoted as the Assistant National Sales Manager. Sadly, Duke met with an accident one day and we were heartbroken at his sudden death. My life today is the gift of Duke only. Tears well up in my eyes at the thought of his loss.

Reply to me soon

With lots of love Chock,

Q.5. Imagine you ate Chuck and you are upset over Duke’s death. You wish to give a tribute to Duke. Write an article titled duke—My Saviour In about 150 words. (Board Te. 12012, Set 39)

Ans. Duke—My Saviour Duke was my best friend, the saviour of my life. He was a Doberman Pinscher, a loyal and dedicated breed. He was responsible for getting me back on my feet after the accident that left me paralysed on the left side due to subdural haemorrhage. He was concerned about toy health and hence assumed all the responsibility to make me stand on my feet again. He took me for a walk every day. I, who was totally bed-ridden, was able to move and walk because of the sincerity, confidence and dedication of Duke. I not only got my job back but also a promotion and I owe it all to my friend, Duke. Little did I realize that I would lose him forever in an accident. All that I am today is just because of him and my life itself is a gift from him.

Q.6. Chuck Hooper is asked to deliver a speech, after his complete recovery. Write the Speech in about 150 words for him emphasising the traits of his character which helped him to cope with the crisis that came in his life. (Board Te. 12012, Set 64)

Ans. Good morning dear friends, …… One needs to be strong in order to face the challenges of life. The credit of my recovery, undoubtedly, goes to Duke but my firm determination and will power helped me to fight against all odds. I had complete faith in myself and my companion, Duke. His presence, like a shadow next to me, gave me the confidence to venture out on the road… Courage and perseverance fortify a person. They help him get control of his life. My tenacious nature helped me to resume work. Having a positive attitude, patience and faith helped me to overcome the adverse. circumstances.

  1. 7. Give a character sketch of Chuck Charles Hooper in your own words citing examples from the lesson, Dog Named Duke’ in about 150 words. (Board Term 12012, Set 28, Set 45)

Ans, Chuck Hooper was a dynamic and a competitive young man. He became the Sales Manager in a chemical factory at a very young age. He was determined and courageous and took life as a challenge. He always wore a smile on his face. After the accident, he was a physical and mental wreck but he had complete faith in himself and his companion, Duke. He worked hard on his fitness with the help of Duke and with courage, faith, determination and endurance he showed signs of significant recovery in his health conditions. He kept trying to get back on his feet and walk despite all odds. With slow and steady persuasion, Duke became instrumental in helping him 6n the road to recovery and success. He was not only back on the job but also got promoted as the Assistant National Sales Manager. He gave the credit of his success to Duke who will always be an integral part of his life.

  1. 8. How did the dog help Chuck out of his critical condition 7 Or Duke was an extraordinary dog. What special qualities did he exhibit to justify this? Discuss. (Textual) (Board Term 12012, Set 58)

Ans. Duke, the dog played a very significant role in bringing Chuck out of his critical condition. He was an extraordinary dog having special qualities and was the one who helped Chuck to increase his stability and endurance. He would take Chuck for a walk along the street, increasing the target every day. He would stand still when Chuck sometimes struggled to get-up after tripping and falling. Even though he was a dog, he had assumed the responsibility of getting Chuck back on his feet, which he successfully did. Duke was a faithful and loyal dog with extraordinary powers. He knew how impossible challenges could be accomplished. He nudged, needled, poked and forced his master to walk. He set new goals for him every day. Chuck’s success is a tribute to his extraordinary dog. ;

Q.9. When a person loses something, he is shocked and gets into a state of denial leading to anger. In such a situation, coping well leads to acceptance and a changed way of living in view of the loss. Taking clues from what happened or might have happened to Hooper, write your views on ‘Coping with Losses’.(Value-Based Question) (Board Term 12012, Set 54)

Ans. Loss is an inevitable part of life. During our lifetime we experience a variety of losses like the death of a beloved, loss of job financial security, or a relationship breakup. With loss comes grief. It is a very stressful phase of life. It can very quickly deplete your energy and emotional reserves. The most important thing is not to let your grief control your life. Supporting someone is very essential to combat grief. Chuck had everything going for him—a job, house and family but an accident robbed him of the ability to talk and move. He was then hit by pain and grief and felt depressed. Duke, his Doberman proved to be a Saviour in his life. He rekindled hope in the family and taught him to cope with the challenge successfully. He not only conquered his handicap with Duke’s assistance and regained his job but was also promoted as the Assistant National Sales Manager. We should take inspiration from his life and should remain firm and strong in challenging adversities,

Q.10. Imagine you are Many. You have seen your husband’s struggle against all odds to finally get back to work. You are happy that he has been promoted to the post of Assistant National Sales Manager. Write a letter to a friend telling her about Chuck’s courage and determination. (Board Term 12012, Set 48)


37-A, Vasant Vihar.

New Delhi

13th February. 20 xx

Dear Julien,

Hope you are in the best of spirits. I am heartbroken at the sudden death of Duke. His death is a great loss for my family. How can I forget what he has done for our family Chuck is well settled today and living a normal life but this happiness is a gift from Duke. We owe everything to Duke. ,. The credit of Chuck’s recovery undoubtedly goes to Duke but his firm determination and iron willpower have also helped him to fight against all odds. The way Chuck regained his balance is by no means a Joke. I have seen the intelligent handling of Duke and the unconditional faith and trust between the two. I am happy that he has been promoted to the post of Assistant National Sales Manager. He is doing well but I feel sad as Duke is no more. His positive attitude, patience and faith in Duke has helped him overcome the adverse circumstances and reach such heights. We owe our happiness to the extraordinary dog, Duke.

Do write soon

Truly yours,


Q.11. Imagine you are Chuck and you are upset over Duke’s death. You wish to give a tribute to Duke. You consider Duke to be an angel who came as a saviour for you. Write your views in your diary. (Board Term 12012, Set 47)

Ans. Monday, 25th November,20xx 10:30 p.m. Dear Diary I, After the car accident, I was completely bed-ridden due to the paralytic stroke on my left side, I was left alone in the house and missed company. 1 was then hit by pain and grief and felt depressed and lost. It was at this crucial juncture that Duke, my Doberman came as an angel in my life. He is responsible for getting me back on my feet. He assumed all the responsibility to make me stand on my feet. His sincerity, confidence and dedication brought me out of the deep, distressing water, got my job back but was also promoted. On 13 October 1957, Duke met at 4 AM tail end. Little did I realize that I would lose him forever in an accident. His death has left a void in my life. My promotion to Assistant National Sales Manager is a special tribute to Duke. I owe a great deal to Duke, his devotion and dedication. My life itself is a gift from him. I am forever grateful to him and owe my success to the Walk Good night diary.

Q.12. Marcy was not fond of dogs and more so of big dogs. Yet when Duke di., she was devastated. After many days, she was able to pen down her feelings in her diary. Write a page of Marcy’s diary. (Board Term 12010, Set CI)

Ans. Dear Diary, It has been a month since we buried Duke. Tears well up in my eyes, at the thought of his loss. People whom I have not met for two years might feel surprised at the change that has come in my attitude. Oh! how I hated that huge dog when Chuck brought him home, he seemed to take so much place and expected everyone to pamper him. Somehow I feel that Duke knew that I didn’t like him, so he remained out of my way. He was so much Chuck’s dog that he would follow him like a shadow. That fateful accident changed my life for the better or worse. My first instinct was to put Duke into a kennel as the thought of looking after him in the absence of Chuck was unthinkable. I finally got him home after much pressure from all quarters. Chuck who was slowly going into depression didn’t really care at that time, A chance touch at the collar of Duke charged him up. It was as if Duke had become the instructor and Chuck the student. I saw the silent understanding, I saw the intelligent handling, I saw the unconditional faith and trust in each other. Gradually, I realized how ignorant I had been, how I had missed the opportunity to befriend this lovely creature who was ready in attendance. The way he helped Chuck regain his balance is by no means a joke. For the last two years of his life, Duke devotedly served his master. I am amazed at the change that has come over me. My tolerance level for big dogs has increased. I was heartbroken at his sudden death. If only I had shown him my love before, but man cannot turn back the clock. Good Night.

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