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The NCERT Solutions available are provided to students for easy comprehension in understanding different topics present in the chapters. Students can refer to these solutions to prepare themselves for the final exams. To know more about the NCERT Solutions for class 9 English main course, The Burglary Attempt, check out the summary and the bullet points below:

Subject English
Class 9
Book English Main Course
Chapter The Burglary Attempt

The Burglary Attempt summary

This chapter gives a description of a burglar. The Burglar was six feet tall and slightly overweight. He had an oval face, grey eyes, a sharp nose and his lips were thick. Nothing could be said about his teeth. He wore torn clothes that were faded and trouser was dark which could be black or blue. He was wearing plastic framed spectacles. He had thick straight hair and his complexion was dark. He had six fingers on his right hand. 

Important points from the chapter The Burglary Attempt

  • This chapter introduces students to the concept of using well-defined adjectives to describe a person better.
  • In this situation to identify a burglar, the exact description is incredibly important to narrow down the list of suspects.
  • The burglar is identified as a tall and well-built man who was slightly overweight with a sharp nose and grey eyes.

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