NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments In The Kingdom Of Fools

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Subject English
Class 9
Book English Moments
Chapter In The Kingdom Of Fools

In The Kingdom of Fools summary

This story is a Kannada folk tale, taken from the book ‘Folk Tales from India’ written by A.K.Ramanijan. It tells us about the fools kingdom. It is an interesting story of a kingdom run by a foolish king. One day a saint and his disciple reached the kingdom and was astonished to see that the people were working during the night and sleeping during the day. All the food items cost the same one rupee. The saint thought that it was a fools kingdom and asked his disciple to leave the place. But the disciple was lured by the cheap food and did not agree to leave with his Guru. 

One day a man approached the king for justice on his brother’s death and claimed the compensation. As the king was foolish he tried all the people who involved in his death without analysing that the dead man was a thief. Finally, the king decided to punish the merchant’s son as his father was the real culprit and as he was dead and his son inherited all his property. But when the minister feels that he is too thin to be killed by the stake, the king ordered his people to find a fat person who could be punished in the place of the merchant. The men took the disciple to the king as he had become very fat. The disciple prayed to his Guru for help and as the Guru visualizes that his disciple is in trouble, he reached there to save him. The saint with his intelligence trapped the king and made the king and his ministers get themselves killed. Finally, the saint became a new king of the kingdom and his disciple became his minister. The saint ordered that the kingdom would function normally like all other kingdoms. 

Important points from the chapter In The Kingdom of Fools

  • This chapter tells the story of how the king and the minister were dead instead of Guru and the disciple.
  • In this story, the king decides that the disciple was to be executed but he remembers the words of the Guru.
  • Guru did not want to rule a kingdom filled with fools. Thus, he planned to get rid of the king and the minister.

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NCERT Class 9 English Solutions In The Kingdom Of Fools

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Question 1. What are the two strange things the guru and his disciple find in the Kingdom of Fools?

Answer: The two strange things the guru and his disciple found in the Kingdom of Fools are: Everyone sleeps during the day and does work and other regular chores at night everything costs the same- one duddu i.e. one rupee, whether one buys a measure of rice or a bunch of bananas, it cost a duddu.

Question 2. Why does the disciple decide to stay in the Kingdom of Fools? Is it a good idea?

Answer: The disciple decides to stay in the Kingdom of Fools because everything was cheap in that kingdom. He wanted to have good, cheap food.No, it was not a good idea. The guru even warned the disciple that it was the Kingdom of Fools and it won’t last very long. He said that one can’t tell what the people of this kingdom will do next.

Question 3. Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court, and give the reasons for their trial.

Answer: The people who are tried in the king’s court are the merchant, the bricklayer, the dancing girl, the goldsmith and the merchant (second time). The merchant was tried because the burglar died when the wall of the merchant’s house fell on him. The bricklayer was tried because he was the one who built the wall so weak that it fell upon and killed the burglar. The dancing girl was tried because she distracted the bricklayer by walking up and down on the road with jingling anklets while he was building up the wall. The goldsmith was tried because he did not complete the jewellery orders given by the dancing girl and that’s why she had to go numerous times to check if the order was ready. The merchant has tried again because the goldsmith could not work on the dancing girl’s orders as he was completely occupied with the jewellery order of the merchant’s father. As a merchant’s father was dead, the merchant was the one to be punished.

Question 4. Who is the real culprit according to the king? Why does he escape punishment?

Answer: The real culprit according to the king was the merchant himself. Although the merchant’s father was the one to be blamed, the person to be held punishable as the merchant as the merchant’s father was already dead and someone had to be punished for the crime. He escapes punishment because he was too thin to be executed on the stake.

Question 5. What are the Guru’s words of wisdom? When does the disciple remember them?

Answer: The Guru’s words of wisdom were: “This is a city of fools. You don’t know what they will do next.” The disciple remembers them when he is ordered to be executed without committing any crime. He was to be executed on the stake just because he was fat enough to be executed on the stake.

Question 6. How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

Answer: The guru tells the king that he wants to get executed first. Surprised at the wish of getting executed, the king expresses his desire to know the reason. The guru tells that that stake is the stake of the god of justice. It’s new, it has never had a criminal on it. So, whoever dies on it first will be reborn as the king of this country. And whoever goes next will be the future minister of this country. The foolish king wants to avail this opportunity. He tells his minister that they should not let their kingdom go into the hands of others in the next life. They decide to go on the stake themselves thinking that they will be reborn as the king and the minister of the kingdom. They release the guru and the disciple. That’s how the guru manages to save his disciple’s life.

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