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The NCERT Solutions available are provided to students for easy comprehension in understanding different topics present in the chapters. Students can refer to these solutions to prepare themselves for the final exams. To know more about the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course, Video Show, check out the points below:

Subject English
Class 9
Book English Main Course
Chapter Video Show

Important points from the chapter Video Show

  • For this chapter, students are given a CD or a TV programme to develop and present their program.
  • From this chapter, students learn the essential differences between Radio shows and Video Shows,
  • A radio show is a completely auditory experience whereas a video show is a mixture of an audio and a video show.
  • Some of the different programs on TV are regional and Indian culture, Advertisements, Quizzes, Panel Discussions, Interviews, Cultural Programmes etc.
  • This chapter is essentially a training exercise for students to come up with a TV show with their own creativity.

Thus this is the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course. To know more about NCERT Solutions, keep visiting!

NCERT Solutions English Main Course Book

Video Show

Question 1: You will watch a CD or a TV programme which will give your ideas for developing and presenting your own programme. 

Answer: For self-attempt. 

Question 2: Before you watch the recording the second time, in the group, discuss the difference between a Radio Show and a Video Show. 

Answer: Radio Show and Video Show are pretty different. The first one is auditory, while the other is a live show. In the radio show, one listens to the events whereas in the video show one sees and enjoys it live. 

Question 3: Complete the following table and then compare it with your partner. 

Content of the Programme
Regional/Popular Indian Culture
Culinary Skills
Panel Discussion
Cultural Programme

Answer: For self-attempt. 

Question 4: Now it is your turn. Your class will be divided into groups of ten students. Each group will produce a programme. Keep In mind the following. (See Main Course Book, Pages 75-76) 

Answer: Class Activity.

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