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Subject English
Class 9
Book English Moments
Chapter The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf summary

The Last Leaf is a story of supreme sacrifice by an old artist, written by O.Henry. Behrman, the old artist paints to keep someone’s hope and will power up. Jhonsy and Sue are two friends and young artists who lived in a rented apartment. Johnsy fell ill, she contracted Pneumonia. She had lost hope in her life and linked her life with the last leaf of Ivy creeper. She thought that she would die with the fall of the last leaf that could be seen from her room’s window. Sue wanted to help Jhonsy, seeing her condition deteriorated day by day. She told this to Behrman and tried her best to save Johnsy. Behrman was not a successful artist but he decided something when he learnt about Jhonsy’s fanciful idea. He went out in rain and painted a true painting of the green leaf which did not fall in the rainstorm. It was so real that it made Jhonsy believe that neither it nor her life would end. She regained faith in her life. Sue told her about the Behrman who sacrificed his life for saving her. Behrman contracted pneumonia and died when he for painting.   

Important points from the chapter The Last Leaf

  • This chapter tells the story of Johnsy and how he was suffering from pneumonia. She had this belief that she would not get cured.
  • Johnsy was severely depressed as she was not doing well in her studies and she could not keep up with the expectations of her students.
  • The story also follows the life of a painter called Behrman who was a sixty-year-old painter and his lifelong dream was to draw a masterpiece.
  • His last painting was of a leaf that looks extremely natural on a creeper. He eventually contracts pneumonia and passes away.
  • The same night Behrman died Johnsy notices the last leaf on a creeper, which refuses to fall and this gives Johnsy the strength to come out of her sickness.

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NCERT Solutions English Moments

 The Last Leaf 

Page No: 48 Think About It

Question 1. What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the medicine or the willingness to live?

Answer:  Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. Only the willingness to live could cure her. She had made up her mind that she was not going to get well. The doctor said that if she did not want to live, then medicines would not help her.

Question 2. Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers?

Answer:  Yes, I think the feeling of depression Johnsy is very common among teenagers. Because of the present lifestyle, teenagers are under constant pressure to outperform in every field. They are burdened with studies and the anxiety of the future. They are also subjected to a lot of parental and peer pressure. Along with all this, they are also expected to behave in a certain manner as deemed appropriate by society. Most of the time, they are unable to bear so much stress and end up being depressed.

Question 3. Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come true?

Answer: Behrman was a sixty-year-old painter. His lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece. It does come true when he paints a leaf such that it looks extremely natural. He painted the last leaf left on a creeper.

Question 4. What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes Sue say so?

Answer: Behrman’s masterpiece was the last leaf on the ivy creeper. Sue calls it a masterpiece because this painting rekindled the willingness to survive in Johnsy’s heart and she was able to recover from her illness. Johnsy thought that she would die when the last leaf fell from the ivy creeper. But Behrman spent an entire night in a heavy storm to paint a fresh green leaf. Behrman suffered from pneumonia because of getting drenched while painting and eventually died. However, on seeing that leaf Johnsy thought it was real and got a feeling of self-belief. She realized she could get well if she wanted to and came out of her illness.

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