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The Adventures of Toto

Summary of the chapter The Adventures of Toto

This is a humorous and adventurous story of a monkey named ‘Toto’, written by Ruskin Bond. The writer’s grandfather loved to collect animals and had a zoo at home. Once he bought a monkey named Toto from a tonga driver for five rupees and kept it secretly as the grandmother disliked the animals. The writer and his grandfather hid Toto in a cupboard and tied to a hook. Toto was very mischievous and broke the hook and caused havoc in the room. The next day he was kept along with other animals in the servant room and he did not allow them to sleep at night. 

One day the writer’s grandfather had to go to Saharanpur and he decided to take Toto with him. He carried Toto in a strong canvas bag and closed the zip so that Toto could not escape. Toto made back jump and roll to get out of the bag but he could not. The passengers in the railway station were very curious and when the grandfather was getting his ticket checked, Toto peeped out of the bag and smiled at the ticket collector. Thus, the grandfather had to buy a ticket for Toto for three rupees as the ticket collector declared that it was a dog. But finally, the grandmother was accepted Toto and was given a place in the stable along with the donkey- Nana, Toto did not get along with nana as well. 

Toto used to take bath in warm water during the winter and one day he almost burnt himself when he jumped into a kettle of boiled water. He ate a family meal of pulao and threw the dish from the tree and broke it into many pieces. Toto grew very mischievous day by day and the grandfather decided that not to keep him at home and found the same tonga driver and sold Toto ack to him for three rupees.

Important points from the chapter The Adventures of Toto

  • This chapter tells the story of Toto and how he was taken in by a grandfather who was an animal lover.
  • Toto originally belonged in a zoo but his grandfather took pity on him and brought him home to live with.
  • Nana was another pet that lived in the house with grandfather however Toto bit Nana’s ear and they never could be friends.
  • Toto was kept in a closet and was always a secret because the grandmother did not like animals and could not live with one in the house.
  • Toto was a very silly yet playful monkey who enjoyed creating mischief wherever it lived.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments 

The Adventure of Toto Class 9 with pdf

Page No: 11 Think About It

Q1.  How does Toto come to his grandfather’s private zoo?

Answer: Toto was owned by a tonga driver who used to keep him tied to a feeding trough. Grandfather felt that the monkey was out of place there. So, he decided to add the little monkey to his private zoo. He bought Toto from the tonga-driver for five rupees.

Q2. “Toto was a pretty monkey.” In what sense is Toto pretty?

Answer: Toto had bright eyes with mischief beneath deep-set eyebrows. His pearly white teeth were very often displayed in a smile that frightened the life out of elderly Anglo-Indian ladies. His hands looked dried-up. His fingers were quick and wicked. His tail added to his good looks and also served as a third hand. He could use his tail to hang from a branch and to scoop up any delicacy that might be out of reach of his hands.

Q3. Why does grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how? Why does the ticket collector insist on calling Toto a dog?

Answer: Grandfather takes Toto to Saharanpur because he would not allow his companions to sleep at night. Grandfather had to leave Dehra Dun the next day to collect his pension in Saharanpur. So, he decided to take Toto along. He took him in a bag by train.

Q4. How does Toto take a bath? Where has he learnt to do this? How does Toto almost boil himself alive?

Answer: Toto took a bath by first checking the temperature of the water with his hand. Then he would put one foot in the water, then the other until he was in the water up to his neck. He would take the soap in his hands or feet and rub himself all over.

One day when a large kitchen kettle had been left on the fire to boil for tea, Toto decided to remove the lid. He found that water was just warm enough for a bath, and he got in with his head sticking out from the open kettle. The water began to boil. He continued hopping up and down for some time until grandmother arrived and hauled him out of the kettle. That’s how he almost boiled himself alive.

Q5. Why does the author say, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long”?

Answer: Toto was a very mischievous monkey. He would tear things into pieces. When one of the author’s aunts would come near him, he would try and tear a hole in her dress. One day, Toto was found stuffing himself with pulao. When the author’s grandmother screamed, Toto threw a plate at her. He then picked up the dish of pulao and made his exit through a window. In order to spite grandmother, who had screamed at him, he threw the dish down from the tree and chattered with delight when it broke into a hundred pieces.

The author’s family was not a well-to-do one. They could not afford the frequent loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpaper. That is why the author says, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long”.

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