NCERT Syllabus For Class 5 Maths

NCERT syllabus for class 5 Maths is here for helping students in their edification process. Most of the questions from NCERT Books will appear in CBSE exams and if prepared thoroughly and consistently can fetch you incredible scores in exams. Following the syllabus and solving questions of various chapters will ensure a great academic score and result in a bright career. Many state boards and the CBSE schools recommend and follow these book’s syllabus.

This syllabus can be a core help for self-study. It acts as a perfect self-help guidance for students without any doubt. We hope this syllabus lend you a helping hand during exam preparation and approach learning in a fun and exciting manner. These syllabi are written by expert teachers, who have researched extensively on these topics and provided an easier way to understand the fundamental concepts.  The content that NCERT books provide is what most of the exam papers in the curriculum are based on. Most of the teachers use the NCERT syllabus for class 5 maths for reference to prepare the questions for final and midterm exams.

Chapter NoName
1The Fish Tale
2Shapes and Angles
3How Many Squares?
4Parts and Wholes
5Does it Look the Same?
6Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor
7Can You See the Pattern?
8Mapping Your Way
9Boxes and Sketches
10Tenths and Hundredths
11Area and its Boundary
12Smart Charts
13Ways to Multiply and Divide
14How Big?How Heavy?

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