NCERT Syllabus For CBSE Class 11 English

The NCERT Syllabus for class 11 English is present here, which contains all the chapters for students to learn and prepare from. These syllabus pages are created by the top experts in the country, to avoid any confusion for the students while preparing for their main exams. The three different books that comprises of the NCERT syllabus for class 11 English are:

  • Woven Words
  • Hornbill
  • Snapshots Supplementary Reader

Students can refer to the NCERT syllabus for class 11 English, which contains the different chapters are present in the tabular column below:

NCERT Class 11 English Woven Words Chapters

Short Stories Introduction
Chapter 1 The Lament
Chapter 2 A Pair of Mustachios
Chapter 3 The Rocking-horse Winner
Chapter 4 The Adventure of the Three Garridebs
Chapter 5 Pappachi’s Moth
Chapter 6 The Third and Final Continent
Chapter 7 Glory at Twilight
Chapter 8 The Luncheon
Poetry Introduction
Chapter 1 The Peacock
Chapter 2 Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds
Chapter 3 Coming
Chapter 4 Telephonic Conversation
Chapter 5 The World is too Much With Us
Chapter 6 Mother Tongue
Chapter 7 Hawk Roosting
Chapter 8 For Elkana
Chapter 9 Refugee Blues
Chapter 10 Felling of the Banyan Tree
Chapter 11 Ode to a Nightingale
Chapter 12 Ajamil and the Tigers

NCERT Class 11 English Hornbill Chapters

Reading Skills
Chapter 1 The Portrait of a Lady
Chapter 2 We’re Not Afraid to Die…if We Can All Be Together
Chapter 3 Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues
Chapter 4 Silk Road
Chapter 5 The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role
Chapter 6 Landscape of the Soul
Chapter 7 The Adventure
Chapter 6 The Browning Version
Writing Skills
Chapter 1 Note-making
Chapter 2 Summarising
Chapter 3 Sub-titling
Chapter 4 Essay-writing
Chapter 5 Letter-writing
Chapter 6 Creative Writing

NCERT Class 11 English Solutions Snapshots Chapters

Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
Chapter 2 The Address
Chapter 3 Ranga’s Marriage
Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at School
Chapter 5 Mother’s Day
Chapter 6 The Ghat of the Only World
Chapter 7 Birth
Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City

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