NCERT Syllabus For CBSE Class 7 Social Science

The NCERT Syllabus for class 7 Social Science is available here. Students can easily refer through this syllabus while preparing for their main exams. The syllabus is a key indicator of the portions, from which questions may be asked in the main examination. Social Science for class 7 is split up into three major topics which are:

  • Political Science (Social and Political Life- II)
  • History (Our Pasts- II)
  • Geography (Our Environment)

As the portions for Social Science are divided into three major portions which are Political Science, History and Geography; students can prepare for the exam to the best of their abilities by referring to the books provided under the CBSE curriculum. You can find the NCERT syllabus for class 7 Social Science, categorized on the basis of different topics in the tabular columns below:

NCERT Class 7 Social Science Syllabus Social and Political Life – II
Chapter 1 On Equality
Chapter 2 Role of the Government in Health
Chapter 3 How the State Government Works
Chapter 4 Growing Up as Boys and Girls
Chapter 5 Women Change the World
Chapter 6 Understanding Media
Chapter 7 Understanding Advertising
Chapter 8 Markets Around Us
Chapter 9 A Shirt in the Market
Chapter 10 Struggles for Equality
NCERT Class 7 Sociology Syllabus History Our Pasts – II
Chapter 1 Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years
Chapter 2 New Kings And Kingdoms
Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans
Chapter 4 The Mughal Empire
Chapter 5 Rulers And Buildings
Chapter 6 Towns, Traders And Craftspersons
Chapter 7 Tribes, Nomads And Settled Communities
Chapter 8 Devotional Paths To The Divine
Chapter 9 The Making Of Regional Cultures
Chapter 10 Eighteenth-Century Political Formations
NCERT Class 7 Sociology Syllabus Geography Our Environment
Chapter 1 Environment
Chapter 2 Inside Our Earth
Chapter 3 Our Changing Earth
Chapter 4 Air
Chapter 5 Water
Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 7 Human Environment- Settlement, Transport and Communication
Chapter 8 Human Environment Interactions The Tropical and the Subtropical Region
Chapter 9 Life in the Temperate Grasslands
Chapter 10 Life in the Deserts

Download Complete NCERT Syllabus For class 7 Social Science

NCERT syllabus for class 7 social science history, geography and political science.

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